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20pcs Nail Art Dotting Pens and Brushes Set with Black Carry Bag


20pcs Nail Art Dotting Pens and Brushes Set with Black Carry Bag wholesale

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Sold per set

Item Included:

  1. 15pcs Nail Art Pens & Brushes

– Color: white handle brush/pen

– Pen/brush Length: approx from 13cm to 20cm

– Angle brush, Fan brush, Gel Brush, Flat brush, Detailer

– Specially designed for finest detailings like painting leaves and flower petals

– Great for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas

  1. 5pcs Wooden Handle Dotting Tool

– Wooden Handles

– Wooden dotting pen length: approx 13cm

– Wooden handle length: approx 10cm

– Color: wood color handle dotting pen

– Various Sizes including one angular dotter

– Perfect for creating dotting nails or marbling effects

– Can be used to pick up small accessories like studs, rhinestones

– Double-ended dotting tools


1. 15 pcs nail art pens & brush for design & painting set, 5pcs dotting tools can be used to make little holes, nail art dangles on your nails.

2. Can be used on natural nails / false nails / acrylic nails / gel nails.

3. Perfect for finest detailing tasks like painting leaves and flower petals.

4. Perfect for natural nails, false nails and 3D nail art.

5. Easy to handle, perfect for professional and home use.

6. Suitable for blending, side loading and getting into tight areas.

7. Create beautiful nail designs whatever you want.

8. Ideal for fine nail art work.

Instructions: How to draw a nail art?

Step 1: Choose a design. Many nail art designs can be found online (see Resources). Choose a design for a special occasion or to wear casually. If you are going to a special occasion, spice up your nail designs. If you are designing your nails for casual wear, tone down your nail designs.

Step 2: Test the design before you apply it to your nails. Use a piece of paper in place of your nails and practice creating the design. If you can not create the design on the piece of paper, choose a more simplistic design.

Step 3: Apply a base. Paint your nails a base color using several coats of nail polish. You can use clear nail polish if you don’t want to use color for the base. If you are going to use colored nail polish for a base, consider the color of the design you chose. If the design you chose consists of many light lines and dots, paint the base black. If the design you chose consists of dark lines and dots, use a light colored base.

Step 4: Add simple designs. Place nail styling strips on your nails in the areas that you want the base color to show through. Paint over the strips and your nails using a different color than the base coat. Wait until the nail polish dries and remove the strips slowly.

Step 5: Apply acrylic designs. Use a thin brush and dab it in acrylic paint. Use simple geometry to construct your designs. Dots are easy to make on small nails so use them to your advantage. Paint flowers by making a medium-size dot in the middle of your nails and painting smaller sized dots around it. Draw simple lines with different colored acrylic paint to create modern looks. Replicate animal fur patterns like those of leopards and zebras by using brown colored spots and black lines respectfully.

Step 6: Add some flare. Use glitter nail polish to finish off your designs and make them stand out.

Step 7: Seal your nail designs with a clear top coat. A clear top coat will protect the nail designs from rubbing off accidentally.

Step 8: Remove unwanted designs and mistakes. Place acetone on a cotton ball and rub the paint off of your nails.

<Please note this is just a general guide. >

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