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Yankee Candle Wax Melt 22g – Sweet Plum Sake

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Yankee Candle Wax Melt 22g – Sweet Plum Sake wholesale

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Yankee Candle Sweet Plum Sake Wax Melt

With its wonderful fruity aromas, this exquisite Sweet Plum Saké fragrance from Yankee Candle is a part of the Sakura Blossom Festival Collection. This wax melt will leave you feeling as though you are drinking sake under the Sakura trees, toasting to the celebrations and the year ahead. Created from Yankee’s new wax formula you’ll enjoy room-filling fragrance more quickly. The two-sided shape fits perfectly in all existing Yankee candle non-electric and electric wax warmers.

With its ruby red coloured wax, this naturally fruity fragrance perfectly captures the enticing pairing of sweet plum and rice wine. The luxurious scent features top notes of lemon juice, Japanese plum, fuji apple, raspberry and greens that are perfectly complimented by the mid notes of redcurrant, black fig, mango, sake accord and rice wine. The base notes of coconut wood, vanilla and aged merlot conclude this fragrance and the combination of aromas will enchant the senses.

This wax melt has approximately 8 hours of fragrance and brings a wonderfully fragrant aroma into your home. There’s no wick and no flame to burn away any of the scent; simply place it atop a wax burner and it will gently melt and give off its fragrant aroma. Be it in the bedroom, bathroom or on the kitchen table, this wonderful wax melt makes a fabulous gift for a friend or a treat for yourself.

Sakura Blossom Festival

Experience the peace and serenity of the centuries old Sakura Blossom festival. Set among the blooming cherry blossom trees, this collection from Yankee Candle will transport you on a journey to Japan. The calming colours and the concoction of beautiful aromas create a sense of celebration for the spring season.


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