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Halloween will always been one of the most popular events in the calendar, people love Halloween for various reasons, whether it is the scary movies, the pumpkin picking or the trick or treating. However we all have one thing in common, we aren’t always the most prepared when it comes to costume ideas. 

With regards to costumes, face paint and Halloween makeup can be just as effective as the costume itself. Makeup artists might also be able to get some inspiration from these ideas, they all use similar products meaning it could be wise to opt for buying wholesale makeup as you will get a cheaper price and be able to complete a number of looks.

So, if you do find yourself looking for a quick and easy look this Halloween, we have put together a few easy Halloween makeup ideas for you to try:

Creepy Doll Makeup 

This is a super simple but really effective makeup look that can be done in a matter of minutes! Just grab a pale foundation (we’ve all guessed at our shade before and got it completely wrong!), a red lipstick, black eyeliner and white face paint and if you would like to add an extra creepy touch – you could add some light coloured contacts too. This is the perfect last minute option as the costume is pretty simple too – all you need is a dress, some white tights and mary-jane shoes (or any kind of school style shoe) and there you have an easy last minute Halloween outfit and makeup look.

Cat Makeup

Being a cat for Halloween is possibly one of the most common costumes people tend to go for as it is so easy to pull off if you’ve left your outfit until the last minute. Plus if you are looking for a costume that is ‘cool’ and effortless, this is the perfect option for you. Even better, to create this look all you need is black eyeliner, an all black outfit, and a pair of cat ears. So even if you have a party to attend in the next 30 minutes, you should still be able to put an outfit together.

Broken Porcelain Doll

Now this one is basically just a different take on the creepy doll look but it is a really effective look. It is a little more intricate to create as you need to make it look as though there are cracks on your face to look as though you are a broken doll, you could also look to add some fake blood too to make it even creepier. The products needed to create the look are similar to those for the doll makeup as it is a very similar look, however as previously stated, you can add some fake blood to this one to make it a little scarier. The outfit is also the same as the creepy doll too, they are relatively similar looks just two different takes!

Deer In The Headlights

This look is quite an unusual one and not the most ‘spooky’ of Halloween looks, but it is super cute! It’s also really easy to do with some bronzer, concealer, black eyeliner and white face paint. The outfit is also pretty simple for this one too, just opt for some jeans and a brown jumper and boots.

Cat/ Cheetah 

This one is a great one if you love the idea of a cool outfit but want to be a little different. The base of the look is similar to the cat look however with a little more development of added shimmery cheetah spots, again this one isn’t very scary but it’s a great last minute idea and it’s super easy to do! Then all you have to do is throw on an all black outfit, or throw in a little cheetah print if you’re feeling wild – A pair of cat ears and you’re done!

Helpful? We hope so!

So, if you are trying to think of a last minute costume this Halloween, hopefully one of these looks can give you some inspiration! With the simplicity of the looks and so little products needed, you have no excuses not to dress up and make an effort.


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