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Yes, getting a bit of shadow under your eyes shadows can be disgusting! However, there is a product you might have heard of called shields that you can use to protect you from just that. But you don’t have to buy them as you can just use a spoon to get your eyelashes right! Just put the spoon under your eyes and you will protect yourself from some pretty nasty mistakes! For Wholesale Cosmetics Leeds see our product page and choose from huge array of the latest products!

Clean your cheeks after the foundation

One thing you can do to make your cheeks look lovely and your face more natural is to cover your entire face in foundation and then wipe the foundation off of your cheeks. You can put your rouge after that and that makes your cheeks look more vivid.

Use fresh mascara

You might have noticed that using the same mascara over and over will be harder to glide on your eyelashes and will flake. This happens if your mascara is at least a month old, so you need to buy a new one every now and then!

These were three tips you can try out for yourselves the next time you need to go out and impress people with your looks. Make yourself be prettier and your looks more refreshing!

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