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If you’re looking for a way to make an impact at this year’s Halloween party, finding the perfect outfit is essential. Whether you’re going alone or with a partner, you need to make sure that your costume is on-point. Here at CoLour Zone, we can provide a complete range of Halloween makeup to bring your costume to life. A simple outfit isn’t enough – if you want to make a real impact, you always need to go the extra mile.

Whatever kind of wholesale Halloween makeup you’re looking for, CoLour Zone is here for you. We can provide makeup which is ideal for adding the finishing touches to any costume you’re looking to create. Additionally, we can provide a variety of cruelty-free and vegan makeup options, so anyone can create the perfect Halloween costume in 2018.

Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas in 2018!

If you really want to make a splash at your 2018 Halloween party, these are the costume ideas to pick! Superhero costumes are likely to be more popular than ever before, and the release of blockbuster Horror movies means that you’ll be able to dress as your favourite fictional monster without having to explain it to too many people.

10: Harley Quinn & The Joker!

Although most of us are getting a little tired of seeing Margot Robbie and Jared Leto’s Harley Quinn and the Joker, they’re still one of the most popular couple’s costumes in the world. You can get the costumes themselves from almost any supermarket close to Halloween, or from almost any online retailer.

The Clown Prince of Crime (or Harley Quinn’s Puddin’) is a popular choice whether you choose the Jack Nicholson’s, Jared Leto’s or Heath Ledger’s style. More people have chosen to dress as Margot Robbie’s modern take on Harley Quinn, but there is still the option for the old animated style (voiced by Arleen Sorkin) or the popular alternative design which appeared in the Batman: Arkham Asylum series.

Whatever style you choose, remember that white face paint and bold, uneven lines are always a must! Bright red lips, dark eyes and porcelain skin, twisted into a huge, maniacal grin, is one of the most distinctive and memorable uses of Halloween makeup in the world. The makeup is the part that really sells the costume – otherwise, you might end up looking more like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Yikes!

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9: Deadpool

After the runaway success of the original Deadpool, it’s no surprise that Deadpool 2 has attracted a huge audience. The Merc with a Mouth, thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ unique performance, has been a popular choice for the last few years, and we don’t expect that to change. If you want to take the costume to a whole other level, don’t be afraid to get some Halloween makeup involved!You can still wear the red, skin-tight Lycra costume, but roll up half of the face mask. Use makeup to make the lower half of your face appear scarred and burned, just like Wade Wilson. Even if you spend most of the day with your mask fully on, if you need to cool down or just add another dimension to your costume, using makeup is essential to a great Deadpool costume.




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8: Fortnite Costumes!

Fortnite is easily the runaway success of 2018. With millions of active players every single day, and recordings of the game receiving millions of views online, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know at least a little about the game. Fortunately, if you want to show your love of the game, there are dozens of costumes available for children and adults alike.

Some of the most popular Fortnite costumes include:

  • The Black Knight.
  • Dark Voyager.
  • Skull Trooper.
  • Cuddle Team Leader.
  • Brite Bomber.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite Fortnite skin costume, you can even get your hands on accessories from the game, like:

  • Rainbow Smash Pickaxes.
  • Party Animal Pickaxes.
  • Light-Up Boogie Bombs.

These costumes don’t need excessive face paint, but bold makeup can complement your overall outfit. Find colours which match your favourite outfit. Lavender eyeshadow and bold lipstick, for example, can really add the final polish to your Brite Bomber outfit.

7: Darth Maul!

Yep; everyone’s favourite Sith Lord is back! Darth Maul’s been out of commission for a few years (at least in the mainstream) after Obi-Wan cut him in half during Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. However, after his recent cameo appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he’s once again a popular choice for Halloween partygoers.

Bold red makeup contrasting with black spikes and lines are the most important part of this costume. Even if you aren’t committed to shaving your head for the role, you can’t afford to skip on the Halloween makeup. Darth Maul’s distinctive appearance is be sure to grab everyone’s attention. (Be warned, you may have to walk around with a bag over your head saying “Spoilers” for anyone who hasn’t gotten around to seeing Solo yet).

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6: The Nun!

The Nun is one of the year’s scariest movies and, despite mixed reviews, we’re certain that The Nun is going to be a popular costume this year. A spin-off from the Horror favourite, The Conjuring, Valak the Nun has a bold, distinctive look which is sure to terrify. If you want to wear an outfit that’s a little darker, and a little more terrifying, the Nun is definitely a great choice.

In addition to finding the Nun’s costume, you’re going to need great Halloween makeup. Making your skin appear as white as possible, and contrasting with dark eyes, blacked lips and clearly visible dark veins will create a distinctive and terrifying look. If you want to put a bit of a spin on the character, why not find a “Sexy” Nun costume and keep Valak’s terrifying face?

5: Michael Myers & Laurie Strode!

Keeping with the Horror theme, Michael Myers is making a triumphant return to the Silver Screen in 2018’s Halloween. A direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, this year Michael Myers costumes are back in-vogue. Most people will immediately reach for a badly-fitting, plastic-looking mask to complete their costume. However, by using high-quality Halloween makeup, you’ll be able to create a realistic and terrifying version of Myers’ mask.

If you’re looking for a couple’s outfit, why not dress as both Myers and Laurie Strode? You can either go for the old classic look from 1978, or a modern design from 2018 featuring an aged and hardened Laurie. Either way, Halloween makeup should play an essential role in your Halloween-inspired costume!

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HALLOWEEN (2018) — The Boogeyman is Home!

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4: Black Panther and Dora Milaje!

One of the runaway films of 2018, Black Panther is guaranteed to be a popular costume choice in 2018. While Black Panther himself won’t require much aside from the costume, dressing as one of the other breakout stars from the film will. The Dora Milaje are strong, fierce independent women that everyone has fallen in love with.Using makeup, you can make your face look harder and angular. You can also choose to decorate your face with warpaint if you really want to impress people at your next party.

3: Pennywise the Clown

If you choose to go for the old classic, Pennywise, you’re guaranteed to get a reaction. Whether you choose the old look, or Bill Skarsgård’s alternative from 2017, you’ll have everyone terrified! Complete your clown outfit with the famous red balloon, some bold clown makeup and a creepy grin, and you’re sure to have your victim’s running and screaming.




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2: Day of the Dead!

Day of the Dead costumes are always popular and are fairly easy to get hold of. Face paint and Halloween makeup are the most important parts of your Day of the Dead costume. Painting a high-quality skull on your face is essential to any great Day of the Dead costume. Don’t be afraid to include bright colours in your costume to contrast the black and white design of your face paint. Red makeup can also be a great contrast to the black and white skull.

With a Day of the Dead costume, you can go as simple or detailed as you like and still create a great costume. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs within the Day of the Dead style.

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“Drink from the well of your self and begin again.” #CharlesBukowski • Photography: @we_areall_madhere Headdress and makeup: @paulina_clothing • #borntodie #vivalaspektor #girlswithtattoos #MujerSuprema #laspektator #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #sugarskull #dropdeadgorgeous #comolaflor #yassskween #redroses #speaktomeinflowers #venus #thefutureisfemale #wearestrongertogether #lacatrina #mexicanculture #lifeisbeautiful #paulinaclothing #vivamexico #vivemexico #mexicolindoyquerido #soyfuertesoycapaz

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1: Venom!

Tom Hardy’s upcoming Venom film looks to be one of the biggest releases of 2018. Venom is a great character with a distinctive look that is perfect for Halloween costumes. Black face paint and white highlights are a great way of finishing off your Venom costume. If you prefer, you can even dress up as one of the other symbiotes, such as Carnage, Scream, Toxin, or Anti-Venom.For the most distinctive version of Venom, you might want to use great Halloween makeup to display half your own face, and half being consumed by the Venom symbiote.




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  Embrace your inner anti-hero. #Venom 10.5.18   A post shared by Venom Movie (@venommovie) on  


Honourable Mentions for Halloween Costume Ideas in 2018

Although they didn’t make our top ten suggestions and predictions for great Halloween costumes in 2018, the following are all great options. Whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd a little bit, or you want to go for a more classic Halloween costume, these are all great suggestions. Some will require some skills with Halloween makeup, whereas some can be completely bought and put together with minimal effort.

  • Rick and Morty – From, err, Rick and Morty.
  • Jack Skellington –The Nightmare Before Christmas. (So what if it’s a Christmas film?)
  • Justice League – Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman are always popular choices.
  • The Avengers – Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Vision are all popular. Just don’t dress as Hawkeye. Nobody likes Hawkeye.
  • Disney Characters – Elsa and Anna are always popular, but why not go for something a little more classic? Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Mulan could all be great alternatives.
  • Thanos – Dig out your infinity gauntlet and start snapping your fingers down the street; just pretend you’re in West Side Story!

If you want to create a truly memorable costume, which is going to look great on the night and in your pictures for years to come, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. Cleverly using great Halloween makeup can help you to turn any outfit into a success.

For High-Quality Halloween Makeup, Shop with CoLour Zone Today

Here at CoLour Zone, we can provide a complete range of Halloween makeup to suit your costume idea. Whatever kind of makeup you’re looking for to complete your costume for this year’s party or night out, get in touch with our team today.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us directly on 0113 345 4430. You can also email any questions or concerns you have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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